The average salary for an auto mechanic varies depending on the type of work you do and where you live. You can earn more in certain areas than others, and you can also find opportunities for advancement as your career advances. With the right education and training, you can learn all the skills needed to become a master mechanic.

The Average Salary for an Auto Mechanic

A mechanic’s salary can range from $24,800 to $148,143. The salary can be higher if you specialize in specific parts of the automotive industry or if you have extensive experience in a particular field. It can also be higher if you have a high school degree or if you complete an associate or bachelor’s degree program in automotive technology.

How to Become an Auto Mechanic

You can start a career as an auto mechanic by attending a vocational or technical school, or you can earn a trade certificate. Many mechanics choose to become ASE certified, which can give you a competitive advantage in the job market and help you secure more lucrative jobs. In addition to obtaining your ASE certification, you can also take additional courses that teach you how to perform specific car repairs.

What Are the Best States to Live as an Auto Mechanic?

Those with a passion for cars and a desire to work with their hands can earn good salaries in Washington State, where it’s no secret that Seattle is known as one of the world’s most vibrant cities. It’s a top destination for tourism, agriculture, defense and power industries, and it’s a popular place to live and work.

The top paying sectors for auto mechanics are car dealerships, where they make more than a quarter of all employment and auto repair shops, where they make almost as much. Other employers include auto parts and accessories stores, tire and machine shops, gas stations and local government.

How to Become an Auto Technician

Having a passion for cars and a desire for working with your hands can lead to great employment opportunities as an auto mechanic. You can start by attending a vocational or technical school, and once you’ve completed a degree program in automotive technology, you can begin looking for a job at a garage or repair shop.

Your Salary as an Auto Mechanic will depend on your level of education, experience and your employer. If you are employed by a small family-owned business, you may be able to work your way up to the highest levels of income possible. You can also take a position at a larger auto repair shop, where your employer will provide you with more opportunities for advancement and pay you a higher salary.

How to Become an Auto Repair Mechanic

To become an auto mechanic, you need a high school diploma or equivalent and at least two years of on-the-job experience. Most mechanics have a degree in automotive technology, which provides them with the tools they need to work on all types of vehicles and ensures that you are well-rounded and knowledgeable about the different components.